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Yperia 2016, day 3: above sea level

Yperia 2016 goes on between the visit to an arduous monastery and a walk in the alleys of Chora, the capital of Amorgos. Day 3, here what happened.

yperia 2016

Monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa

Day 3 of Yperia 2016 has been characterized by a dive in the past, 1000 years back to discover the famous Monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa. Hanging on the cliff side 300 m above the sea, you can reach it only on foot…thanks to the stairs!

It’s a very suggestive visit both for the view from the top and for the story and the holy atmosphere.

Curiosity: the church inside the monastery is made of rocks and stones. Until nowadays original materials haven’t been restored. Ever.

But Yperia, as you know, it’s also an opportunity to discuss about tourism and culture. Yesterday two speeches (by Liana Jordan e Christina Kontaxi) were focused on hiking and how it can contribute to the valorisation

of the cultural heritage and shape islands like Amorgos as a hiking destination.

After that, another very interesting topic we discussed was related to the relationship between cinema and

yperia 2016

In Amorgos there are many cats…it lives in Katapola, one of the villages of the island

tourism. Have you ever wanted to visit a place because of a film shot there? Maybe yes, and this is the reason why Antonis Kioukas, film director and producer, defined the movie industry the best way to enhance local tourism.

Curiosity: The movie “The big blue” directed by Luc Besson in 1988, it has been shot here in Amorgos!

Yperia 2016, to be continued…stay tuned!






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