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Yperia 2016, day 1: a walk in Aegiali

Amorgos – Yperia 2016, Day 1

Yperia 2016 started. The 14th international convention of sustainable tourism, preservation & protection of natural & cultural heritage opened its doors to all of us who arrived in Amorgos, one of the most beautiful Aegean islands.

Curiosity: do you know the meaning of Yperia? It’s the old name of Amorgos!

The story of this island begins many centuries ago but its present is characterised by colours, tastes and smells that make it unique.

As regards perfumes and aromas, we have to mention Mr. Vangelis Vassalos and his distillery of essential oils by Amorgian herbs in Langada Village. Thanks to a sophisticated procedure it is possible to realize many products useful both for cosmetic industry and aromatherapy.

Yperia 2016

Mr. Vangelis Vassalos

Lots of herbs, from the most common like the sage to the endemic ones, are finished and transformed in concentrated perfumes able to contain the true Amorgos’ nature.


Yperia 2016


Do you want to explore the streets and the paths of Aegiali, the northern area of Amorgos?

Here what you can’t miss…


Epanochoriani church in Langada Village

Yperia 2016

Epanochorian Village

Coffee break at Pergalidi café

Yperia 2016

Pergalidi café


Traditional dance show from the children’s dancing group of Tholaria

Yperia 2016


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