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Yperia 2016, day 2: rolling toward the south

Amorgos – Yperia 2016, day 2

Yperia 2016 day 2 and new adventures for all of you who read Verve Magazine. Are you ready to be seduced once again by the charm of this immortal land?

Yperia 2016 is involving the mind and the heart of the participants and so, if you are Yperia 2016falling in love with Amorgos especially after the previous post, follow us.

This island makes happy both the tourists who look for sea and relax, and those ones who search adventurous paths and historical corners. If you belong to the second category, go to the south of Amorgos towards Kato Meria. When you arrive at Vroutsi village, you can have a walk to the Ancient tower of Agia Triada.

Yperia 2016

Ancient Tower of Agia Triada

A small suggestion? Hiking shoes and comfortable clothes!

Curiosity: the Ancient tower of Agia Triada is the best-preserved building of its kind from the Hellenistic period in the Cyclades.

Moreover, Greece is mainly known for myths. One of the protagonists of many legends is god Apollo, very famous not only for his beauty but also for divination, in fact according to the tradition, his oracle predicted the destiny of many battles and people.

Yperia 2016

Monastery of Agios Georgios Valsamitis

But which is the connection with Amorgos? Nowadays there is a monastery (Monastery of Agios Georgios Valsamitis) built on the ruins of an ancient water oracle dedicated to Apollo. The water is still there…maybe you won’t receive any information about your future but for sure, if you visit the little monastery, a sister will greet you with a cup of coffee, a slice of cake…and many details about that place, of course!


Yperia 2016

 But Yperia is not only a great opportunity for discovering Amorgos, it is first of all a convention about tourism and artistic, cultural and natural heritage. So yesterday, in the beautiful location of Aegialis hotel&spa, we discussed about three different topics connected by a unique fil rouge: the love for this land.

Ute Kohlmann, director of the festival West’ival (Netherlands), talked about ecotourism, education and ecology through art and Mr. Evangelos Karamanes, director of the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre, presented the cultural dimension of local products. Last speech, that was about UNESCO’s World Heritage List (with a focus on Monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa) has been curated by di Margarita Thoma and Alexandros Eleftheriades Tamoglou, historians and experts in heritage management.


Yperia 2016…to be continued!


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